About Frank Potestio

Frank Potestio has been improving the game of young Baseball players in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992.  Through fun yet precise individual instruction or his “Getting Down to Basics” Baseball Camps young players are taught and drilled in the essential fundamentals of Baseball in a fun and always supportive atmosphere.  Frank Potestio graduated from U.C. Riverside as an All-American pitcher.  In June of 1986 he was drafted in the fourth round to Professional Baseball and went on to play six years with the Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants.

Strike 3 Pitching Zone offers individual and group lessons for all boys and girls, 7 years and older.  Lessons are typically 45 minutes in length and cover pitching and hitting.  Sessions are fun and based on positive reinforcement.  They are designed to build solid fundamentals, a good work ethic and self confidence.  Each lesson consists of one-on-one interaction between the student and instructor.  Students will work on drills to enhance pitching and hitting skills as well as building strength and conditioning.

Since founding the Strike Three Baseball Academy in 1992, Frank has given private and group instructions to hundreds of students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.




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